Way toooo...it's 2017!!!!!!!!!!

That was one long, hot & sweaty minute !!!! 

Alas, good stuff on the horizon in the form of John Lithgow's new series Trial & Error ... I play the tough, sexy mess that is Ms. Barrel Jessup! http://www.nbc.com/trial-and-error?nbc=1

An amazing new film called MOPE! An animation show I can not speak of yet! .... & I got saved by the one and only Jesus (hey-zues to me!) himself.  So, my 2016 ended productively ... not to mention a little How to Get Away With Murder with the Dame Viola Davis before that!

In the meanwhile, as all this goes into post, I will leave you with my animation demo, and two films I will be working on later this year one in Charlotte, NC and the other right here in  La La Land  : http://www.triskelionent.com


Below: Happiness atop Cadillac Mountain ~ ending 2016! Ciao ~

"Sunset & Vine"

So, I write a monthly column for a magazine called Ms. In The Biz (fancy!). It is a really great rag for anyone really, but centers on the empowerment of females working in show business; Producers, Director of Photographers, Writers, Production Designers, Actors, Location Scouts, Gaffers...you name it. My column is called Sunset & Vine and each month it differs from a wide range of topics, this month is a bit of a diary entry, check it out right here.