My latest show ..... WORKING 2020

Come on out to the theatre ———->>>>>>>>>

We opened April 5th, plays every Friday @8PM and has sold out every show thus far …. great reviews, superb cast, created and directed by Academy Award Winner Bobby Moresco (Crash, Million Dollar Baby)

Go to for tickets ~ hope to see you at the theatre !!

here is the poster and some stills

WORKING 2020.jpeg

CATASTROPHE , season 4

Catch me now streaming on AMAZON PRIME in CATASTROPHE season 4

I play the spirited Mrs. Cohen (Chris Both aka Mr. Big’s wife).

Do not watch this show for me, watch it for YOU! This show is so damn good !!

I would like to be Sharon Horgan when I grow up - hero! This is fact.

Also, I made the Season 4 Show Trailer (for hot but brilliant second) - here is the link:



Hi Friends ~ so this January my film MOPE ( i have the Lady lead aka TAMPA )

Here is a review and a few photos…look for at a theatre near you later in the year!

"Another credit for a brave and outstanding performance must go to Tonya Cornelisse as Tampa, a woman that is never sober either from alcohol or drugs. Her psychical transformation is so real, I was expecting her to collapse any moment due to her health condition that is, as it appears, declining or just getting there. Her close-ups during the gangbang scene were hard to watch, but in the meantime, hard to take your eyes off as well."

My new Audio Book = New York Times BEST SELLAR !!!! May I introduce you:

I Narrate this Bad B about Eleanor Roosevelts' One True Love ~ .... it wasn't Franklin ! 

Here is a sassy review from AUDIOFILE MAGAZINE:

White Houses by  @AmyBloomBooks  is now available! Listen to this  #NewRelease  and Indie Next pick on  , and your purchase supports your local, independent bookstore!    @TonyaCornelisse   @PRHAudio

White Houses by @AmyBloomBooks is now available! Listen to this #NewRelease and Indie Next pick on , and your purchase supports your local, independent bookstore! @TonyaCornelisse @PRHAudio

BAD ASS >>>>>> Music Video ~ SATYRICON !! is the music video I shot for Satyricon directed by LABAN ~ it has almost 100K views on YouTube ... & the band loves it.  Job done.  I got recognized (very enthusiastically!)by two Norwegians at the NOLA airport (New Orleans) for it, gifted a free case of vino rouge, and called a MILF for the first time! ~ 

Take a peak — it’s pretty damn cool (even my sister likes it & she hates everything): 




Our first review is in!

The Actors Gym in association with Whitefire Theatre, presents the world premiere of “Working 2017” Running from October 5 - November 9.

Bobby Moresco, the Academy Award winning writer, Director and Producer takes on the legendary Studs Terkel’s 1974 oped novel “Working.” This iconic non-fiction novel explored what work meant to different people in different circumstances in the US in the Seventies. Poor, rich, white, brown, black…the maid, the valet, the executive. The original novel asked existential questions and sought emotional truth. With “Working 2017” Mr Moresco brings us into the present day…adding new characters and this time focussing on the sadly relevant slide from middle to working class…

This could all go very wrong…it could be boring, it could be trite, it could feel like an excuse to ‘pretend,’ to play around with a subject so important that it’s on everybody’s mind…but it doesn’t…no, not at all…”Working 2017” transcends all that is ‘theatrical’ and ‘conceived’ and it brings us all together, in a room, to listen to these epic and truthful and achingly real stories that are the sad and beautiful and always totally true mirrors to of all our lives. 

There’s a truck driving woman who’s struggle to prove her worth to herself and to her late father brings her to the sweet, but hard fought epiphany that she’s perfect and needs nothing to prove that to anyone. A young waitress who’s desperation to live by her own rules brings her perilously close to disaster. A rookie firefighter who’s instinct to run leaves him alive but alone. An aging hospital orderly who’s pride in his life humbles those around him. A man who’s mental health has plagued him all his life finally finding solace and relief. A neighborhood hairdresser, always wishing she could have a ‘bigger’ life realizing the profundity of her contribution to her world. A mother who’s autistic son teaches her that gifts might not always come neatly wrapped. A writer who’s first real job on the dodgy, pornographic edges of the entertainment industry prove to her that if she can write ‘that stuff’ well, she can write anything. The incarcerated drug dealer who’s fall from grace left a mother broken and alone, touches us deeply with his regret. And finally a steel worker, so tired of the shafting of the American worker and the destruction of the unions, he calls for us all to rise up and stand together against the money machine…and, as an audience, we do.

Mr Moresco, with the assistance of the actors and the writers and the directors of these wonderful and at times heartbreaking pieces, has given us momentary windows into the worlds of these fine characters. He has allowed the actors to imbue such a clarity of spirit and a compellingly vivid life force into each and every line that we the audience are left quite breathless. 

With the entire cast on stage throughout as they watch each other work, this marvelous play feels as intimate and moving to them as it is to us. They have crafted this experience together, being guided and supported and the results are so incredibly good that to attend should be considered absolutely compulsory.

This level of excellence is bravely and exhaustingly wrought and must be applauded and encouraged….you’d be a fool to miss it in fact.

The actors are all familiar faces, many of them have been working actors for decades and some not so long, but they are all just so brilliant its hard to come up with another adjective…phenomenal maybe?

It’s not a long run and it’s only on Thursday nights…think of it as extremely exclusive…so get a move on and buy your tickets. I cannot recommend this play highly enough…really…I’m telling everyone I know to see this extraordinary play. Bravo…

The Actors Gym in association with Whitefire Theatre presents the world premiere of “Working 2017”

Conceived by Bobby Moresco, developed and directed by members of Bobby Moresco’s Actors Gym

Produced by Bryan Rasmussen, Bobby Moresco, Will Clevinger and Elliot Smith.

Running from October 5 - November 9. Thursdays at 8PM


Robbie Mangiardi, Amanda Moresco, Thomas Polanski, Ryan Surratt, Howie Skora, Joseph Lyle Taylor, Krissy Shook, Beverly Leech, Anne DeSalvo, Pauline Schantzer, Goya Robles


Bobby Moresco, Bryan Rasmussen, Javier Molina, Ryan Surratt, Jessica Moresco, Bob Costanzo, Emma Barrett, Anne DeSalvo, Julia Hoff, Robert Mangiardi, Larry A. McLean


Bobby Moresco, Bryan Rasmussen, William Clevinger, Elliot Smith

Lighting Design - Derrick McDaniel

Graphic Design - David Svengalis

Technical Director - David Svengalis

Publicist - Nora Feldman

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Roma ~

Back from Rome after having an incredible time filming the upcoming feature by Robert Moresco' BENT. It was an incredible time. 

Next up! Headed to Charlotte, NC to film the beautiful piece by Rebecca Cook' ENTRY POINT....

Here is a shot in from Romá ! Ciao for now ~

rome, italia

Way's 2017!!!!!!!!!!

That was one long, hot & sweaty minute !!!! 

Alas, good stuff on the horizon in the form of John Lithgow's new series Trial & Error ... I play the tough, sexy mess that is Ms. Barrel Jessup!

An amazing new film called MOPE! An animation show I can not speak of yet! .... & I got saved by the one and only Jesus (hey-zues to me!) himself.  So, my 2016 ended productively ... not to mention a little How to Get Away With Murder with the Dame Viola Davis before that!

In the meanwhile, as all this goes into post, I will leave you with my animation demo, and two films I will be working on later this year one in Charlotte, NC and the other right here in  La La Land  :


Below: Happiness atop Cadillac Mountain ~ ending 2016! Ciao ~